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Why Most People Prefer Wooden Beds To Other Types?

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A good bed and mattress is an essential tool for quality sleep. Sleeping on creaky bed results in sleep disturbances and you wake up feeling tired and cranky. Over time this can lead to sleep disturbances and other health issues. There are many choices of bed, but a wooden bed is preferred over steel, iron, or aluminium for various reasons. It not only gives the desired strength to hold the mattress but also gives a great aesthetic appeal to your bedroom. Read below to know why people prefer beds made of wood:

Advantages of Wooden Beds
Indians have from ancient history loved wooden furniture. That love seems to have continued even now and for valid reasons. 

Look and Feel: Wood is a natural material and hence has a natural texture with rings and streaks. When furniture made of wood is added to your bedroom it makes it look like you are part of nature. Humans want to connect to nature even when they are away from it. When you have that connect it leaves you relaxed and happy. Experts from Wakefit opine that having a piece of nature in your bedroom calms you and helps yo get better sleep.  Additionally, with some good craftsmanship and it’s natural colours, the beauty of the material can be highlighted and that enables the space to look royal. 
Woods come in various colours and textures from dark brown to lighter shades and adds to the elegance of your well-decorated room. Choose ash or beech for a soft romantic look and walnut or cherry colour for a dramatic look.

Durable and Strong: Wooden beds are durable and strong. A piece of furniture made from quality wood can last for many years. There are many instances of a wooden king size bed lasting for generations in royal palaces and is because of its properties. Wood can withstand extreme temperatures be it too hot or too cold and are a bad conductor of heat. Hence an ideal choice for Indian humid weather conditions. The wooden beds are sturdy and hence can hold mattresses of any size easily without the legs buckling under pressure. 

Easy to Maintain: One of the best things about wooden furniture is that it is easy to maintain. All you have to do to clean your wooden queen size bed is to use a cotton cloth and wipe it down to remove the rust. If your bed is polished and wants to maintain its shine then you can add oil and wipe to get the shine. 

Various Options and Styles: When it comes to wooden bed there are many varieties to choose from. These beds can be made from different types of wood and each comes with many styles. If you want a traditional looking bed, then choose platform beds, if you are looking for a modern and contemporary bed then opt for a sleigh bed. If you need additional storage and multifunctional beds opt for storage beds. 

Comes in Many Price Ranges: The misconception about wooden furniture is that it is pricy and hence not affordable. However, these beds cost as much as any other contemporary beds. Moreover, they fall in a huge price range which makes it suitable for people who are looking for affordable beds or costly ones. A softwood bed costs less whereas a hardwood bed is strong and sturdy and costs a little more than the softwood variety. 

Factors to Consider when Purchasing a Wooden Bed
Now that you know the many advantages of a wooden bed, it is also essential to pick the right wood to build your bed frame. Some of the factors to consider when choosing the wood type are:

The hardness of the wood: Wood is categorized as hard and softwood and depends on the origin. 

  • Hardwoods are flowering trees and softwood are conifers. 
  • Hardwood is costlier than softwood
  • Hardwood is more sturdy and durable than softwood.

Most Preferred Types of Wood for Bed Frame:

  • Teak, Sheesham, mahogany or oak for designer beds
  • Beech or ash for simple beds
  • Plywoods for regular beds
  • A mix of Wood and plywood for more affordability

Wood colour: Every wood has a colour of its own and depends on the variety and type. Choose a wood based on the colour you prefer.  

Durability: It depends on the type of wood purchased and the quality of manufacturing. Softwood also called plywood has a lesser lifespan than hardwood and is also lightweight. Hardwood is more durable, heavier, and expensive. 

You know now why a wooden bed is the most popular choice among people. It is long-lasting, durable, and requires very little maintenance which is an owner’s dream. Also, there is no compromise on the looks too. It comes in traditional, antique, or contemporary designs making the bedroom look awesome. Additionally, due to the internet, you can buy the best designer bed online and get it delivered home. You can also buy a mattress that matches the bed and vice-versa. 

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